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I am a storyteller at heart and animation is my passion, specializing in character design and visual development. 
Graduated from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in 2014, where I got my BFA in animation, and have been working in the industry since.
Currently Employed at Netflix Animation as a visual development artist and character designer on an unannounced feature film, working closely with the director, since early days of development, bringing to life the look and feel of the movie. 
My work includes:

  • Designing main characters, including character turns and expression sheets.

  • Designing main locations and environments

  • Painting story moments, conveying feelings of pivotal moments of the story

Work Experience

2019 - current


VisDev Artist, Character Designer and Concept Designer at Netflix. I am working with the Director from the early development days to establish the movie's look, designing main characters and environments, and help to create and paint movie moments. Integral to the overall visual style and storytelling includes turns, environment work, packeting, etc.


"Cinema Rex"

"Cinema Rex" - short independent film  I Co-Directed and served as an Art  Director and Animation director, managing a team of 20 people. The film won the Annecy 2020 Canal+ youth awards.


Sky Dance

Character Artist for an animated feature in development


Danielle Dee

Art Director for animated tv series in development


Baby Tv

"Baby Tv" creating Art and Character Designefor three different shows


The Hive Pro 

Character designer for an animated feature in development


"Maktub" Short

"Maktub" Beit Avihay Directed, designed, and animated a short film for a Memorial Day event: "Painm.Yom.Zikaron" (freelance)


Constantin Film

"Dragon Rider" - Constantin Film feature film Served as a character artist


Neo Games

Senior Game Artist at "Neo Games" studios, Designing games from the first concept to a full head-to-toe design. One of my game, "Queen of Diamonds," was ranked as the top-grossing instant in the world in fiscal 2017.


The Pixelers Studio

Concept artist & 2D animator for animated tv series in development



 B.F. A in animation at Bezalel Academy 

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